Drug free India by AOL

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*we Artofliving Hsp Chapter have invitation card if you intrested call back we r very grateful Jgd 🥁🥁i Hot newz*
The *Game Changer* is here.

Guruji has taken the lead for a NashaMukta Bharat.

The *DFI- Drug Free India* campaign being launched from Chandigarh and Hissar on 18th and 19th Feb. Sanjay Dutt and so many celebrities are supporting. The campaign is *ON*…. !!!

And now, this is what India will talk about.

This is what India will care about.

Join the rebellion for a #DrugFreeIndia .

*Gurudev’s tweet*


*Sanjay Dutt has joined*


*Parineeti Chopra has joined*

*Varun Dhawan has joined*

*Varun Sharma has joined*

And many many more are joining in, have you joined in??

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